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About Us


Hu Organics was established to bring Human Organic Food from the best selected brand of organic and natural products. We believe that Hu Organics offers a convenient way to buy products online with the best value in the market. We aim at enhancing a healthier lifestyle away from processed and unhealthy foods. We are passionate about the food and equipment we sell, because we use them and enjoy them too. Our team members are active in food and health industry researching health trends and information. We alert to bring in new exciting healthy products for our customers to promote a healthy living style.

10 Huge, Humongus and Humane Benefits from Hu Organics on-line store:


1. Huge detail information, pictures and expiry date of the products* to enjoy the best online shopping experience

2. Humane connection to support products from Organic Family Farms.

3. Humongus variety for sourcing great healthy brands and keep them in stock.

4. Huge savings with competitive prices.

5. Huge amount of features to keep you notified when products are back in stock.

6. Humane online chat service to assist you with our order whenever possible.

7. Humongus security with secure SSL to keep your information safe and secure.

8. Humane and local as have both English and Cantonese product information and customer support.

9. Huge greener solution, when you shop with us you help to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. We work with ZERO waste solutions as much as we can, reusing boxes, buying bulk and and many plant based products for sale.

10. Huge points and rewards program on every purchase for great savings.


*We try to keep it as updated as possible.

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