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Points & Rewards

Want to receive a discount from Hu Organics? Go ahead! For every purchase, review, subscription and so on brings you a certain amount of money that can be spent on your purchases at Hu Organics store. Buy and get money in rewards!

How does it work?

All registered customers receive money after certain activity in Hu Organics Store. Buy any product, register as a client and get money rewards. Every action adds funds to your balance. You can spend this money on any of our products on Hu Organics!* Each $1 you spend you get 1 reward points equivalent to HKD$0.01.

: Only New Registered Customers will get 5000 Rewards Points. You need to First Register before you make a purchase in order to apply your Reward Points on your first order. Register Here!

1 reward point = HKD$0.01

 Money is being rewarded according to the following table:

ActivityPoint Rewards
Spend $1010
Mailing list subscription (after registration)500




All rewards points are being summed up, e.g. when you buy HKD$1500 in products we return 
HKD $15.00 to your store balance and you can continue shopping with this on money for your next order. 

*In order to spend your points you need to accumulate 150 points in order to redeem as cash rewards. You will be able to spend your points at the moment of your final payment.

Reward points not applied at checkout into an order cannot be refunded or discounted anymore.
Unused points will expire in 2 months time.
Reward points can't be transferred to another customer.

If your Reward Points were missed on a transaction that was not completed. Please inform us so we can restore your points BEFORE you make a new order.

Points & Rewards

Reward Points Email Notifications

To receive updates and expiry notifications of your Reward Points please login to your account and select Reward Points on your left navigation bar and scroll at the button to opt-in for Email Notifications and Save Subscription Settings. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Reward Points Notifications



Registered customers that have accumulated more than $1000 HKD from their purchases in a one month period can join our HUO-VIP group that includes a 3% discount* that will be applied automatically on your purchase. If you already accumulated such amount please contact us here to update your membership.

*Restrictions apply to some items already discounted. 


Discount Coupons

How to add a discount coupon to your order?


1.After you have added the products you want to purchase, click on the top right link to “My Cart”.


View Cart


2. Enter your code in the “Discount codes” form shown below and click “apply coupon” to get the discount on our order.



4. Done! Now you can “Proceed to Checkout” with your discounted items.

Changes to this Rewards Policy and HUO-VIP Group

Please note that this Rewards Policy and HUO-VIP Group is subject to change from time to time. Hu Organics Ltd reserves the right to modify this Rewards Policy and HUO-VIP Group at any time. Regardless, we will post any Rewards Policy and HUO-VIP Group changes on this page and if the changes are significant, we will then provide a more prominent notice. If you have any additional questions or concerns in regards to this Rewards Policy and HUO-VIP Group, please feel free to contact us. 

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